I want to show modal popup in the custom install page

Team, I’m working on a custom install app where I wanted to display a modal popup to collect some data from the user while installing. I tried with the client. but I’m getting a client is not defined. I need some help on this. I know it’s some reference issue. kindly guide me on this.

Hi @sstudio

Attaching some sample apps that might help you to understand the issue. Marketplace sample apps


Good Day!
you can’t use the interface methods inside the custom Iparams page, and it won’t work.
Note: only request API and SMI are allowed inside Iparams.

and we don’t encourage to use modal inside Iparams, Instead, try getting the user information inside Iparams itself.

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Hi @sstudio ,

I understand that modals are necessary in some cases and it would be wonderful to have a modal popup in the iparams page.

In fact, I’ve made use of modals extensively in a few of my apps.

However, none of the interface methods work in the custom iparams page. Those interface methods are reserved only for the locations within the app like tickets, contacts pages, etc.

The way I brought modals into the iparams page was using a third-party libraries.

Fortunately, with the launch of crayons v3, modals are part of it.

Here is the documentation for the modals in crayons v3.

Hope this helps.

Arun Rajkumar


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