Icon for first_app not showing up with local server

Hi there,

I followed the instructions for testing a custom app, created the my_first_app application, and am running it with fdk run

When I add ?dev=true to the url, I see the “FDK serving local app” banner display.

However I do not see the icon showing up on the screen, like I anticipated it should.

Also, I noticed that a number of requests that go to localhost seem to be failing (mostly because the requests are going to https://localhost:10001 and not http. (I am assuming that the FDK server doesn’t deal with https).

What am I missing here? Is there some setup that I’ve missed for our application?

Hey @Mark_Muday

Firstly, welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

If the app is your_first_app as per the guide, after you append ?dev=true you would have to navigate to the ticket details page.

If it’s a different app, can you share the app’s manifest.json file?

The app renders on different placeholders defined in manifest.json and they appear only in those placeholders on the UI. For the serverless apps, you can test them by using a JSON event payload to trigger different serverless events.

Check out the docs - Placeholders (this is different in each product).


Thanks Zach!

I’m using the “Freshsales Suite”, but It turns out that the product name that actually works is “freshworks_crm”. I’m a little confused about this, but there it is.

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