Idea for custom app viable?

Good day everyone!

We’ve been using Freshservice for a year now, and I’ve had an idea to optimise our internal processes, and wanted to check its viability.

We are a team of 100+ IT support techs and are supporting multiple organisations with a lot of applications.
Most of the techs aren’t familiar with every application, so they would have to look up the documentation for the application in question.

I’d like to have a custom app made which will look up the documentation url (sharepoint) for that application in our CMDB (which has api capabilities), and create a clickable link in that custom app.

I believe this will save them a lot of time every day, not having to look up the documentation manually.

However I’m unsure how viable this idea is. I have next to no coding experience or a developer available.

Before we hire an external developer, I would like to ask this community for any tips/advice.

If anyone would have a sample addon or snippets or something we could piece together, this would also help.

Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,

Hello @Bart_Brosens, this is a great usecase!! I am confident that if you spend some time looking at the developer documentation you could figure out how to get this to work. But it might take some time if you don’t have any experience.

If you want to give it a try yourself you could always look at the documentation that enables Freddy Developer Co-pilot. You could use this to help you get started.

There is some complexity to this usecase since it would need to use an API to access your CMDB and also access Sharepoint, which are specific tools tailored to your business. So anyone who begins to develop this application would need to understand those business services.

If you do decide to look for someone to develop the app for you, there are plenty of qualified developers in this community who could knock this out of the park for you. I would volunteer but my hands are tied with my organization.

If you come across any questions about the platform, documentation, or troubleshooting your app, just let us know!

Take care,


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