If folder_id is ignored if passed in the parameter on "create a solution article" api

moving our knowledge-base to freshdesk

So, i’m using a serverless app to migrate the previous knowledge base.
When creating a solution article via the API, I pass "folder_id":{id} in the body.
However, this is ignored by the API, who pushes all newly created article’s to the first-created folder.

Is there a way to force the folder? Or is it just unsupported, since it’s not mentioned in the API-docs?
It did tell me it expected an integer when I passed the value in as a string :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the feedback

Should anybody find this topic while having the same problem, I’ve used a work-around.
The response gives the ID for the newly created solutions-article, and updating the folder_id in a separate call does work.


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