Immediately update tickets from App

Is there a way to update a ticket from app.js, and have the update immediately appear in the ticket?

I see the API lets you update a ticket, but it doesn’t look like the ticket display will change.

We’re looking for a way to add notes to a ticket from app.js, and have those new notes immediately appear.

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@Zingtree Welcome to the forum!

I hope the question is on Freshdesk. Mostly, it is generic for all the Freshworks products.

Yes, the ticket can be updated or a new note can be added through API. But, the ticket details page cannot be related by the app or trigger the browser’s tab reload action from the app as it is loaded in a sandboxed iframe and will not have permission to access anything outside the iframe without platform’s API.
We do not have any feature to do it as well, for now.

The ticket details page will show a bubble almost immediately in the center to notify about any changes in the ticket and upon clicking on it, the ticket details will get updated. Manually refreshing the ticket details page will be the only solution as of now.

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