Important CDN migration notice for Crayons library

We hope this message finds you well.

We want to bring an important update to your attention regarding using the Crayons library in your apps. Our goal is to enhance the reliability and performance of our apps and to achieve this, we kindly request your collaboration in migrating from the UNPKG CDN to the jsDelivr CDN for the Crayons library.

Why the change?

The UNPKG CDN has been reliable in our journey in the past, but we have recently noticed occasional signs of unreliability, which can lead to interruptions in app rendering when its servers experience downtime.
Our primary focus is to ensure a seamless user experience for all our users, and we have found that the jsDelivr CDN provides a more stable and dependable solution.

What’s expected from you?

Starting 15 Nov 2023, all new apps and new versions of existing Marketplace apps should use the jsDelivr CDN for the Crayons library. If you choose to continue using the UNPKG CDN, please be aware that your app may not be approved for submission to Freshworks Marketplace.

We want to emphasize that all your existing custom and Marketplace apps will continue to work as they are and do not require immediate updates.

We kindly request your assistance in making this transition when you work on an update to an existing app or develop a new one. Detailed installation instructions with the jsDelivr CDN are available in the Crayons documentation.
For this change, only how the Crayons library is imported in the frontend app changes, no other syntax changes are required.

Support and Assistance

If you encounter any challenges during this migration, feel free to create a topic to discuss on our developer forum.

Thank you for your continued partnership and commitment to delivering outstanding user experiences to Freshworks users. Together, we can ensure the reliability and stability of our apps.

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