Improvement in SLA display

Presently the SLA’s tell me First Response Due on XXX Date and at XXX Time.

I want the following -

  1. I want to see Response SLA and Resolution SLA together when the ticket is created
  2. The SLA clock display should show remaining hours due for breaching and not the exact due time. I dont want my servicedesk team to calculate the time remaining.
  3. Once the SLA is breached, the clock should continue in minus hours. for example -
    -01:00:59 and if the breach ticket continues then 3days past breach -80:49:53

Hi Harshal,

The is appears more like product experience feedback for Freshdesk Users than something that would help developers. Would you mind correcting me if I am wrong?

Yes, I am using Freshdesk and my team faces an SLA calculation challenge. The SLA’s is based on time which runs nearing to breach hence the SLA clock should be also running. Breach date is not important, time remaining to breach and time past breach is important.
Color coding like RED for breached SLA and GREEN for SLA met is also important.