In Iparams page API call fails due to whitelisting even after using templates in manifest.json

we are trying to make an API call in iparams page , the domain of the Api call is fetched from one of the iparams itself as different customer have different domains .

We tried template substitution in manifest.json by including “https://<%=iparam.tfs_details.tfs_organisation %>” in the manifest json whitelisted domain section.

But we are getting “Error while substituting the templates”.

Kindly help us to figure out the issue.


I didn’t know we support nested iparams. Can you share your iparams configuration?

Good Day!

if you are making requestAPI call in Iparams, then you will get an error if you are using like above,

so I would suggest using ‘https://*’.
this will solve your case.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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