Incomplete response from Google Sheets API

I need to get data from a Google Spreadsheet in one of my apps. I can successfully get even large spreadsheets (~2500 rows) while running the app locally, receiving full response. However, when I pack the app and try using it on a Freshdesk account, some requests appear incomplete, only having the “attempts” parameter:

What’s interesting is that the “attempts” always equals to 1, even though I have “maxAttempts” set to 5. Also, the response is passed to the “then” callback, not the “catch” one, so it’s not identified as an error. I’ve tried cutting the spreadsheet down to just several rows and setting all cells to the “Plain text” data type - nothing worked (again, I’m able to receive the spreadsheet data while running the app locally just fine). Can you help me get to the bottom of this issue?

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Hello Vladislav!

I am here to help you with this particular issue. Can you share your app’s name, Freshdesk account name and the timeline during which these proxy calls were made? And please make sure to share these details by DM, we would like to make sure your privacy is protected!

Thank you!

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