Increase iparams size limit

Hey guys.
I building an integration with a third party system, where I have a custom installation page.
According to this topic, iparams size limit is 256KB.
Although, I was able to save ~500KB.

Even so, this is not enough for my use case: in the custom installation page I need to allow the mapping of a lot of fields, and I need to render in my app a tree of “Categories” that has about 1900 nodes. The best way I can see to handle this is to save it all in the iparams as I am doing, but I would need a higher size limite, is it possible?

PS: I thought about making the request for this field in specific on the frontend, but since this API can only return to me 100 registers per page, it would need 19 requests to get all the data. Three agents using the app would make the rate limit for API request exceed. And it would take too much time to load the app.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the Iparams size limit to a higher limit.

instead of storing those records why can’t you build them at runtime?

we can increase the rate limit for the app, but consider other ways like cache the API, etc.

Hope it helps

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Because of the rate limit and the time it would take to make 19 requests.
But I managed it making the requests on serverless side with a third party lib - that does not has rate limit - and using Promise.All(), so they can execute in parallel, decreasing a lot the response time.


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