innerHTML causes Severity ERRROR in review process

I am trying to publish an application, but in the process of reviewing the platform returns an error:

If the platform doesn’t accept innerHTML, how can I change the HTML content of a Widget?


Hi Victor,
I guess your code does some variable substitution in the .js file through innerHTML. Building secure apps is a core value of the platform, and the idea for this innerHTML security screening is not to allow js injections in HTML content. You can refactor the code as represented in the example below to make it more secure:

const contentToBeModified = document.getElementById('html-content');
const resultContainer = document.createElement('div');

const textToBeAdded = "html content rendering in a secure way";
const textContent = document.createTextNode(textToBeAdded);

resultContainer.innerHTML = "<p id="contentLink"> </p>"



Hope this helps :smile:

Thanks !, but the problem is that they don’t allow the .innerHTML() method regardless of the source of the HTML you want to add

Hi @Victor_Casajuana_Mas

I am guessing this is a review feedback from the app reviews team, am I right?

this is a revision app

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