Integrate with other apps from Freshsales


I am looking to build an apps for companies to communicate with their client. I am evaluating the possibility of integrating with Freshsales.

Specifically, I would like to build something like this caller apps to integrate with Freshsales.

I’ve used Freshsales API to push information from my apps to Freshsales before, but can I know how do I implement the integration from Freshsales where user can click on a field e.g. phone number then invoke some action on my website instead? Like the example here, it clicks on the phone number link, and it opens a window from the widget.


Hello and welcome to community! :slight_smile:

The function you are looking might be this one:"cti.triggerDialer", function(event) {            
        var data = event.helper.getData(); 
        console.log("the number clicked is", data.number);               

I used this function in my Freshdesk app where I wanted to open up dialer whenever a user clicks on phone icon, call icon, or a phone number link. I couldn’t find any document for this in Freshsales document though, but I am assuming this should work.
You can perform your operation (sending the data to your website) within this callback function if this works for Freshsales.

Let me know if this helps you out. :slight_smile:

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Hi @tayshuyih and @yusrakhatri ,

For Freshsales, the Click-to-call function syntax works like this. Please check out this post.