Integrations oAuth error - Apple Messages for Business

We followed the guide on connecting a test Apple Business Chat to our Freshchat developer trial account. Multiple times, step by step. We get stuck at the “test connection” portion:

Head to the Messages for Business Account page and scroll down to the Messaging Service Provider section.

Click on ‘Test your Messaging Service Provider connection.’

After that, you’ll be directed to this Chat Sign-in page where you can sign up for preview access to the Chat integration for Apple Messages for Business. On this page, you would be required to log in with your Chat credentials.

Clicking the button to test the connection first goes to this URL (I’ve X’d out random characters for this post):

Which then redirects to this URL (with some characters X’d out):

[type or paste code here](

This final URL displays the following in the browser:

"status": "invalid_operation"

I confirmed the Business ID used on the Apple side is the same as in the admin settings for Apple Messages on Freshchat.

Hello @James_Cobalt

Welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community!

It looks like you are trying to setup your Freshchat account by following some guide. Unfortunately, we may not have enough product experts (as in folks who are well versed in setting up features on Freshworks products) on this community. We are mostly blessed with developers who are building apps using the Freshworks platform or working with Freshworks APIs.

I would recommend that you repost your question at where more of our product users hang out, or contact support for help with this.

Freshchat is setup. Our custom bot app is also setup and working fine. We can get it working with some non-Apple channels too. Just couldn’t connect Apple Business Chat using Freshwork’s guide. I’ll sign up to post in the other forum.

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