Intercept events times out in Freshdesk


I’m relatively new to creating apps in Freshdesk and I’ve run into an issue now where I’m pulling up a dialog when an agent clicks on the close ticket button. The agent will have to fill in certain fields before they are allowed to close the ticket. The problem however is that when they take too long the intercept event has timed out and the close event is not continued.

Is there anyway on increasing the timeout time, or has someone faced a similar issue before and found a way around it?

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I guess this timeout is the standard for the intercept events.
When you intercept an event you have to either call:

// To allow the original event to continue

// To prevent the original event from completing‘errorMessage’)

Perhaps you could on the first click prevent the event from completing, opening the dialog. Agent fills it up, close the dialog, then click in close ticket again, This time you allow the event to continue.


Hi @samuelpares,

Thanks for your suggestion, this is basically what we’re doing now as a workaround now :smiley:

I do want to improve this in the future because it is not the best user (agent) experience to have to click the close button twice :thinking:

Thanks again for your suggestion :smiley:


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Hi @Thomas_Haitsma,

There’s no interface API available to trigger the Update Ticket button on behalf of the agent as it would seem confuse the agent or go against their will sometimes.

@samuelpares’s suggestion is a good workaround to handle in the app.

Another standard workaround I can think of is, adding these necessary fields as mandatory custom fields in the Freshdesk portal. The user experience will be smooth in this case.

If the app requires any modifications or network request based on these necessary fields, onTicketUpdate product event can be used to get the custom fields value and process accordingly in the Serverless component of the app.