Invalid vimeo link

Seeing this when tryin gto publish an app to marketplace:

Then add the link provided from vimeo. Get this error:

Then adding the player.vimeo link (as it is displayed in the placeholder)

Also added the trailing /video after

How to give the valid vimeo link?

In the above url I could see 2 ids. Can you share the vimeo link so that I can check and share the correct url?

Sue, here is the link provided by Vimeo and that was accepted further down in the form; Open Ticket On Note

Hey @Albin !

try this one: Open Ticket On Note from Albin Nilsson af Sillén on Vimeo

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Hi @Nazisagit

Thanks for the answer. By the way, can you let me know how to get that url?

Hey @Mughela_Chandresh !
You get the right link just by clicking on the share Button and then select </> button and you find the right src URL there .


okay thanks for the information

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