Iparams works in dev but not production

My app has gone through several updates, and the iparams have always worked locally and in the sandbox. One of the fields is a dropdown with a list of available roles that is auto-populated using the request method. I recently added a new field that is very similar, which populates a dropdown with a list of active agents. Both fields populate correctly when I’m working locally, and everything works as it should. But when I install the app on the sandbox server, neither list populates, including the one that worked correctly in the last installed version. It appears that the app isn’t authorizing anymore.

Why would my app authorize locally but not on the server?

Where are the iparams field values stored? I thought I would try to remove the previous local value settings to see if that changed the behavior when testing locally, but I can’t figure out how to make the settings page “forget” the previous settings. Clearing my browser cache didn’t work.

This might be because the endpoint needs admin privileges. This would mean getting an API token from an admin account of the sandbox or production account. Local simulation using FDK does not always emulate access restrictions :-/ This is not documented either.

Can you let me know which endpoint returns this? I will check with the team to confirm if it needs an API token with admin privileges.

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