Is custom object data made available to the analytics functionality

If data is added to custom objects does it become available in the analytics function so it can be reported on with tickets, etc.

Hey Rob,
Currently, custom object feature provided will not push any metrics to analytics function. Also, can you please elaborate you requirement here so that it would be easy for us to understand better.


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Hi @Chandiramouli_Ramach,

Thanks for that confirmation. I thought that was the case but said to a customer I would confirm this.

There is no specific requirement at the moment.


Hi @RobAtOpinyin,

The platform’s offering, Entity Storage will not be available in Analytics as @Chandiramouli_Ramach mentioned.

There’s an alternative. If Freshdesk product’s Custom Objects is used, from the next version (V1) launch, the records will be available in Analytics. I have confirmed this with the relevant product team.
It is estimated to be released in 2 weeks. if it would satisfy your requirement, you could consider using it in the product via Rest API.

Hi @Raviraj ,

Thanks for that. Can you explain what the difference is between Entity Custom Objects and Freshdesk product’s Custom Objects?

When you say V1 do you mean there is an impending update to Freshdesk?


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@RobAtOpinyin Entity Storage is provided by the Developer Platform and it can be used within the app to create entities and records for them with methods available in the app. Upper limits and rate limits are applied by the platform.

Custom Objects provided by Freshdesk product is a separate storage feature available via the Rest API of the product. It can be accessed via API and it is not restricted to the Marketplace apps. Regular rest API rate limits apply to it.

You can choose to use whichever would be more convenient. Let me tag @harish.janjam to expand more to it if I missed any.

Ok. Understood. Thanks @Raviraj . Where can I get more info on Freshdesk product and access to the documentation on this?

At this point @RobAtOpinyin , we don’t have anything ready to share publicly about this. As @Raviraj said, there is an impending launch and announcement coming for the same. Further details will only be available at the time of launch.

To expand a little on what @Raviraj said above, and hoping not to create further confusion:

  • The App SDK offers Entity Storage as a developer tool - think of it as a PaaS capability offered by our platform for developers to persist structured data and query against it. This is not fed into the product’s analytics store (yet).
  • A couple of our products, Freshdesk being the first one, offer users of the product (typically an administrator) to define a Custom Object to model real-world entities and use them as native entities within the product. A major upgrade to this , that is tightly integrated with the product both from the UI and analytics perspective, is impending.

We do realize the confounding this is currently causing, and are actively updating our documentation to reflect some of this. Thank you for your feedback and inputs on this!

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Thanks for the clarification @satwik . Look forward to hearing more about this exciting new feature soon.

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