Is http url supported in request API method

Can we make request to the http url( using the request API method? Can http url be whitelisted in the manifest json file?

Request API supports only https urls.

Did you try tunneling to https://{random-string} using ngrok ? That can be helpful as far as local testing is required.

Hi @Saif,
We have developed an app named TFS(on-premise version) avaliable in the Freshworks marketplace which integrates Azure Devops Server with Freshservice. One of the Freshservice customers were tried to use this app, but the client doesn’t have the endpoint url as https. Since all the request made in the Frontend with help of the Request API method. The Request API does not support http url as you said. Since it is a public app we cannot use other http request packages for making request in the Frontend because the credentials would get exposed via network tabs. Can we move all the frontend made request to the SMI ? Is any other workaround for this? or do we have any restriction regarding the http request url in the app?

Oh, Makes sense. Thanks for explanation.

As you have rightly guessed, SMI is one workaround I can also think of.

Let me see if I can get some help with the team and get back to you with a better suggestion on the workaround.

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There is one way I can suggest which will not involve too much code changes in the app implementation which can cost some not-so-good UX.

  1. App collects the https URL. Later point of time this URL is used by Request API to make API call.
  2. Can customer take this http URL and expose this URL via ngrok and use that url to install the app? This URL is valid upto 8 hours.

However the Ideal way is to make SMI call that in turns make http request with 3rd party npm package. To put it more efficiently, try to only make SMI calls if the input URL has http in it.