Is in-product marketplace is live for all Freshdesk users?


I believe the App Page has been updated to some accounts:

While on older accounts, the App Page hasn’t been updated:

Could you tell me which kind of accounts have updated App Page? Does this depends on Data Center or Account Created Date?
I want to know this in order to design the App Installation flow accurately

Thank you.

@Nhat_Nguyen ,
Good Day!
Our new gallery is onboard to the free plans and the user who signup newly, For lower+higher plans it will be rolled out in few days,

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



Hi @Nhat_Nguyen,

The App Gallery page within Freshdesk has been updated to the new version of the App Gallery that was already live on the other Freshworks products.

This upgrade is being done in multiple stages based on the account size and pricing plan. Eventually, the update will go live for all the Freshdesk accounts within a week if things go well as planned. After a successful upgrade for all the accounts, the new App Gallery feature will be mentioned in the product and platform newsletters and announcements.

Please optimize your app installation flow according to the new App Gallery page since all the customers will be moved to it soon. To confirm, the first image of yours with the long search bar is the new App Gallery.


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