Is it possible to add an option "Compatible Pricing Plans" to the developer portal?

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Can we expect to add an option Compatible Pricing Plans to the developer portal :thinking:? So that, as developers while submitting the app we can double-check whether the app is compatible with all other pricing plans :nerd_face:

The customer may lead to face a compatible issue with their pricing plan while installing/using the marketplace app :pensive: Because based on the pricing plan the features may vary. If we add that option, then we can save some time, avoid the ticket creation by the customer to relevant support teams :crazy_face:

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Hi @Saravanakumar_Raju,

Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure to pass it to the platform team.

Could you clarify one thing, whether the Compatible Pricing Plan be a form-field to be chosen by the app publisher, to select which pricing plans are supported by the app?

Hi @Raviraj,

Yes, you are right.

Basically all marketplace apps should support all pricing plans. But due to limitations, some of the apps do not work for some of the pricing plans. For example, a Time tracking feature is not available for blossom plan users. If they installed the app, it will not work. If not work, they will reach the support team and then they know the app doesn’t work for their pricing plan. If we add this option Compatible Pricing Plan, it will helpful for the customer before they going to install the app.

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Makes sense.

I will pass this feature request to the platform team and post any information on the updates here.

Thank you once again for the valuable feedback!

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