Is it possible to add HTLM as a message in to a Freshchat conversation via the API

I want to be able to add an <a> tag to a chat message that is added when the chat resolves. I know I can add the url as a hyperlink but would like to decorate that with some text rather than show the whole link.

Is this possible?

Hi @RobAtOpinyin

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Since freshchat conversation API has defined message types like text, URL, image etc. I don’t think so, we can add an HTML tag in the request payload, Even if we try to add an HTML tag in the request it will render it as the normal text I guess. I think we need to utilize those message types given by the freshchat api.

Please write your query to Freshchat support to get more information on this.


Hi @Sujith_Guna

Thanks for that feedback.

I closed the topic myself as I discovered from the API documentation, that you can add a button part to a message that will render a button, that when clicked will open the url either _self or _blank.

I have yet to test this, but if it does what I hope then this will meet what I need.


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