Is it possible to add R shiny or Python Shiny Analytics App to Freshservice Marketplace?

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I’m exploring the possibility of integrating applications developed using R Shiny or Python Shiny into the Freshservice App Marketplace. These applications are designed to provide analytics insights to users within the Freshservice platform.

The applications utilize APIs and domains to fetch and process data, presenting users with meaningful analytics directly within Freshservice. Our vision is to offer these analytics applications for free, enhancing users’ ability to track metrics efficiently and make data-driven decisions.

The primary concern is whether it’s feasible to add applications built with R Shiny or Python Shiny to the Freshservice App Marketplace, considering their technical architecture and compatibility requirements.

specific questions:

  1. Can applications developed in R Shiny or Python Shiny be seamlessly integrated into the Freshservice App Marketplace ecosystem?
  2. What technical considerations, such as APIs and domain configurations, are essential for ensuring smooth functionality within Freshservice?
  3. Are there any restrictions or guidelines within the Freshservice App Marketplace framework that may affect the integration of these analytics applications?
  4. Has anyone in the community attempted a similar integration, and if so, what insights or recommendations can be shared regarding the process?

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Your professional input and expertise are highly valued in this discussion. Please feel free to contribute any relevant insights, technical details, or considerations that may help in assessing the feasibility of this integration.

Hi @Kateryna_Babenko ,

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Explore the integration of your application with Freshservice through APIs and SDKs. Refer to the App SDK documentation for detailed information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

App SDK:


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