Is it possible to create custom app in Python?

How to create custom app in python?

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Hi @Subashini_Srirengam1,

Short Answer: Today it is not possible to create custom apps in Python

Long Answer:

  1. App that have frontend section, will need run inside an iframe in the Browser. We tried to support popular and standard web technology stack like HTML, CSS, & JS for now.
  2. App that need backend functionality is something doable to support Python on Platform’s end. Developer Platform team has to include it in their roadmap; So it does take long way unless we see huge demand of python developers.

Note: I shall move this topic to feedback section. Please vote if you see you can benefit from this.

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Is that possible to create custom app Ruby

I think there is a mismatch in what is being referred to as “custom app” here.

Custom App is when a Freshworks’ customer identifies any kind of extensibility problem unique thier business and solve is by building an app on Freshworks developer platform. It means developers use the App SDK (primarily) to build an app and install it private to customer’s Freshdesk Instance.

The one which you are referring to here is independent of App SDK. It means Developers can still write their own scripts, apps on web or mobile, but by consuming REST APIs provided by Freshdesk. Since, a lot of businesses have own operating techstack, above are some samples demonstrating how to utilise REST APIs specific to mentioned programming languages.