Is it possible to disable a button in showConfirm?


I’m trying to build a “Help” popup on screen. The closest thing I found to it would be the showConfirm because the Modal takes too much space in this context.

However I would need only one button to close the popup, not the standard two (Cancel/Save).

Is this something that is possible?

I tried something like this but it obviously did not work:

  client.interface.trigger("showConfirm", {
    title: "Sample Confirm",
    message: "Do you want to save the changes?", saveLabel: "save", cancelLabel: ""

Hi Alex, hope you are doing well.

From your query, I understand that showModal takes up too much of the UI real estate. And that the size of showConfirm is perfect for your needs. However, the UI options related to the Interface API are pre-designed set of behaviours built into Freshservice which the app takes leverage of. showConfirm, as the name suggests, primarily refers to confirmation boxes.

My suggestion would be to check if showModal can be somehow fitted to your use case. If not, it would have to be a feature request to product to modify the pre-built behaviour of showConfirm.



@Priyadharshini_Ramas is it possible to reposition modal to center and customise size?

Hi @Deiviya_Sivacoumar

Good Day!

The width and position of the confirm box cannot be modified. as @prithvi suggest you can try showModal and the modal height can be manually adjusted. you can find more information on resizing a modal in our developer documentation


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