Is it possible to edit Helpdesk restrictions in Freshdesk?


I want to edit Helpdesk restrictions in helpdesk settings page dynamically using external data source. Is it possible to do it via Freshdesk APIs?



I am trying to understand what do you mean by restrictions ; Can you help me by adding a bit more details about specific problem that you are trying to solve?

I assume you are looking to set restrictions for a particular ticket. The agents API has an attribute ticket_scope that can be closer. Is this right? If not do correct me.


I want to edit the "Users from whitelisted domains " field on “/a/admin/account/edit” page under the “Helpdesk restrictions” section using Freshdesk API. The main aim is updating the field dynamically from another source which is CRM.



I checked into this, with the Freshdesk team. Although it’s been quite delay from my end, I thought I’d keep you posted,

So, far there are no APIs available for this request to manage Helpdesk restrictions via REST APIs. I will convert this into a feedback item and also see and get back with any workaround is possible to do so.



Freshdesk team was able to share a undocumented API for now, please use it at your own risk as a temporary alternative. :slight_smile:

curl -v -u apikey:X -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"whitelisted_ip":{"enabled": true, "applies_only_to_agents":false,"ip_ranges":[{"start_ip":"","end_ip":""},{"start_ip":"","end_ip":""}]}}' ''
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