Is it possible to get the roles from Data API?

Hi team,

I want to show the Freshdesk Roles available in the account on the Installation page. Is it possible to get the roles while opening the iparams page through iparams.js? I am seeing that we need to do an API call to get the roles, so it needs the Freshdesk API key. To avoid this operation is it possible to get the roles through Data API?

Or else can I show the button in the standard installation page and while click on the button Can I show the roles by performing the Roles API?

Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan,

With Data API you can only get the roles associated with the logged in user. Please refer our dev docs to know detailed information on Data API.

Since you cannot get roles associated with the account using Data API, I recommend you to do the same way by using Roles API