Is it possible to use customized form before chat

can I have a customized form widget before creating a conversation. Because I need to get the email/phone number of the user who is chatting.

Is it possible to have that??you can suggest me anyother way too

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Hi @Sateshsoundar_Namasi,

I am wondering if you are trying to achieve an interface similar to this? Can you confirm the same?

If so, It might not be possible at the moment. However, you can use the bot builder to sequence the chat to obtain mobile phone like so

Note that the customer or end-user can choose to skip these questions. If you want to make it a mandatory input, the only other option would be using webhooks, parsing the input (kind of similar to entity analysis), and sequencing the flow accordingly.

Hi @Hem
yeah need to get the user’s details before the chat. so that I can get the details and fetch the order details for the particular customer