Is it possible to use the Freshchat user id in a parameter in the Freshbot?

I would like to know if it is possible to get the chat user id and put it in a custom parameter in the Freshbot as shown in the following image:

In this case the customer’s id is just an example, i’ve tested it and it didn’t return the chat user id, so i’m thinking of a custom parameter for that. It’s possible? If so, how can do it?

HI @Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando

I would like to know as well why Customer’s Id returns nothing.
When I stared working with Freshbots, the custom user properties were not available as it is now like your “Telefone” property.
Since now you have access to these custom properties and and the default user properties, why would you need the customer id?
Either way, I guess you could accomplish that by listening on serverless for userCreated or userUpdated and then insert the user id in a custom propertie.

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Hello @samuelpares

I need the freshchat user id because I want to create an automation as follows:

When a conversation with the user in the chat is created I will take this conversation and save it in the user’s custom properties, after that, there will be a button that when clicked will take this information saved in the custom property and will create a lead in the CRM with this Freshchat conversation.

But to do this I need the customer id to identify it in Freshbot.

I didn’t understand… the button will be in the bot or in a app in Freshchat?
Either way, in Freshchat app, you can pick the user with Data Method User
In Freshbots, you can get the current conversation using the property Conversation Transcript:

Hello @samuelpares,

I have a question about how the transcript of the conversation will get the user id located on Freshchat?


Your objetive is to create a lead in CRM with the conversation transcript, right?,
What it is not clear, is from where.
if it is from Freshbots you can just use the property Conversation Transcript and Customer email.
If it from a Freshchat App, you can get infos about the user and conversation using Inbox Page Data Methods and then get the conversation using the API Get Conversation Messages.

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