Is "Make your installation page dynamic" new feature in freshdesk?

I see a new option " Make your installation page dynamic" in freshdesk v2 docs installation parameters. Is this new feature introduced to get the values in the iparams page dynamically? If yes, then can I make a freshdesk API call in that callback function and return API values to iparams UI?


Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan

Glad that you discovered it :slight_smile: ! It is one of our recent additions to standard installation parameters. You can add dynamicity to your iparams by making use of iparam callback functions. Technically, you will be able to make use of Request methods inside the iparam callback. Using the util methods, you can either set or get the value of a particular iparam field. Make sure that the client object is instantiated the right way in iparams.js (callback functions mentioned in iparams.json require corresponding callback function definitions to be available in your app at /config/assets/iparams.js)

You can refer the same in our :freshdesk: documentation over here Installation Parameters

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Hi @Hem

Is there any way to set a iparam field hidden format with iparams.json itself instead using utils.set(‘key’, {visible: false}); in iparams.js ?

One more query I using a multi-select field in iparams and user can select values but I need ids as well but I don’t want to show id to make cumbersome during installing. Is there any way to take care this problem?

Hi @Hem

How to use multiple events for a single field in iparams? like below
“events”: [
{“change”: “function1”},
{“submit”: “function2”}


While using db storage inside iparams.js I am getting the following error
{errorSource: “PLATFORM”
message: “Unauthorized request”
status: 401}

Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan

You will be able to set visible property for an individual iparam in the iparams.json itself. This change has been included in the FDK codebase and will be available in the next release. Please keep an eye on announcements - fdk release notes :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we don’t have it yet but this is a very valid feedback. At the moment, it won’t be possible to add ID and value for multiselect options. The ID mapping has to be maintained in code for now.

At the moment, we only have support for change events. However, keep an eye on announcements, we will be adding much more capabilities :slight_smile: !

Similar to iparams.html, only Request methods and SMI invocations are allowed from iparams.


Thanks, :grinning: @Hem

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