Is one time schedule gets deleted automatically


I’m working on a task that keeps track of ‘n’ number of deals. We need to maintain 11 days counter for each deal. Based on some update in deal we will start the counter for that deal. The counter starts from zero and each day the counter will be increased by 1.
Initially, I thought of creating separate recurring schedule for each deal and later came to know that only one recurring schedule is allowed. With one recurring schedule it won’t be possible to update all the deals counter since, no. of deals tracked is more and counter for each deal starts at different time.

Here, can we make use of one time schedule since 1000 schedules are allowed. Idea is creating one schedule for a deal, when that schedule runs, update the counter and create an another schedule for the same deal with the same schedule name. The same process will be applied for each deal. Will this work?

If a one time schedule runs, will that be automatically deleted and can I immediately create another schedule with the same name or I need to manually delete the schedule and then create another one.

Is there any other concept to implement the workflow other than the schedule event.

Thanks in advance.


Can you please elaborate more on this?

Yeah, it will work as long as the scheduled name is different across all the deals.

No need to manually delete it. It will be automatically deleted. Hence, you can immediately create one with same name inside scheduled event handler.

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Thank you for your reply.
When a deal moves to a particular stage in pipeline and from here a call or email is made to the deal contact, we will start a 11 days counter for that deal. This will display no. of days passed in the custom field in deals page. So, each day this field has to be updated till 11 days and then we will delete the schedule

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Thank you for the explanation. I believe I had covered your queries in my previous reply. Do let me know if I missed anything.

Yes you have covered all. Thanks for your timely response.

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