Is the app coverage shown in index.html in coverage folder correct or do we need to look at other files?

i have created an app, which shows more than 80% coverage in index.html file under coverage , but when submitted for marketplace . it get’s rejected saying , it should have atleast 80% coverage .

need help on this

Hi @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd,


These things happen often in my team too…
In some bizarre cases like by default, the coverage will be above 80 for some files.

All we do is that we delete the coverage folder along with the report.json file and take coverage again.

That’s how we bridge the issue.

If you come up with a better solution please let me know :wink:

Thank you.

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hi @Bene_Immanuel , did you push your app to marketplace after regenerating the coverage ??