Is there a css style to change width of modal

Hi Team

I need to change the width of interface modal.
Is there any css style I can try to change width of the modal.
We really need this for our app.
Since using bootstrap modal is difficult for us as the data passing and we are performing smi also.

We would be happy if this gets any solution

Thanks in advance

Hi @PavithraSelvaraj ,

We recommend using the Crayons library for the UI components when building custom pages, and here are the details on Crayons Modal.

We support 3 sizes for Modal, small, standard, and large.

Further, using the instance methods, you can increase the height of the component

client.instance.resize({ height: "500px" });

Further, the instance methods support a maximum of 700px height.


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Hi Thakur,

Thanks for your timely reply.

Since we are using instance modal we need change the width.
But we are unable resize the width.

Is there any other options we can try to change width of modal?

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