Is there a limit of custom-object's records that can be created?

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I’ve a custom app in Freshdesk that communicates with an external database, because of the custom app’s business logic, there is a need to simplify the process of inserting new data, so I’m evaluating the usability of Freshdesk’s entity storage to substitute the DB.

In order to know if this approach is possible, I need to know if there is a limit of records that can be created, because, as of now, in the database there is more than 10000 entries.

So, is there a limit of records?


Hi @Matheus_Souza_Silva ,

Good day! As mentioned in this doc - Entity storage - Custom objects

  1. There is no limitation on the number of records you can create for an entity. Currently, batch operations/bulk record creation is not supported.
  2. Each record can be of maximum 100 kb.

Let me know if this helps & you’ve any other questions around it.


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Hi @mariappan.

I want to use this custom-objects, that is in the Freshdesk plataform itself. The one you mentioned, is the same thing?


Hi @Matheus_Souza_Silva ,

Both are not the same. The one you’ve mentioned is product specific. It would leverage the product scope and you can create your custom data entities.

This one is app specific and from your usecase I can sense you need the storage capabilities for your custom app for which entity storage would be suffice. And, as mentioned earlier I can confirm that there is no limitation on the number of records you can create for an entity.

Let me know if this helps. Thanks!


Ok, I understand. But, actually, the custom-object in Freshdesk would be the better option in my case, because I need to let the user upload the data.

I’ll explain better my business logic:

I developed a serverless custom app in the Freshdesk of a client.

This app is activated when a ticket is created or updated. In this process, it maps 4 dependent fields, that combined, have a large number of possible combinations. Those combinations are mapped in my database. So when the user chooses an specific combination, the app compare them with the data in the db, and then return the corresponding SLA (each combination has a respective SLA number) and assign it to the ticket.

There is always a need to update the db with new possible combinations, and the client is the one that sends the new information, and I’ve to update it in the db via spreadsheet. So, to make this process easier, it would be better to allow the client to update the data themselves, that is when the Freshdesk’s custom-objects comes in.

So I need to know with there is a limit in the number of records in the Freshdesk’s custom-objects.


Hello @Matheus_Souza_Silva ,

I don’t think there is a limitation on the number of records that can be created there as well. But, you have the following things to note,

  1. Custom-objects can be enabled only for accounts on Enterprise plan.
  2. A maximum of 20 entity storage can be created per Freshdesk account
  3. A maximum of 100 fields can be created per Custom Object
  4. A maximum of 5 associations can be created for a Custom Object with another Object(both Custom
    and Native), per Freshdesk account
  5. A maximum of 25 fields can be set as filterable within a Custom Object. A field can be set as filterable
    at the time of creation, and cannot be edited later to be made filterable

Please check if you satisfy and ok with the above conditions.


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