Is there a way to access iparams values outside of freshworks markeptace

Hello folks,


We are building an app ( to sync tickets to train a bot and also create FD tickets if bot fails from our product, so need access to rest API and webhooks.

#1 Webhook: is there a way to get access to webhooks without building marketplace app ie via API key/OAuth etc ?

#2 RESTAPI: I know, if we build as FW marketplace app via product events we will receive events. But, we also want to create tickets from our platform via rest API. Is there a way to access APIs externally once App is installed on the freshworks marketplace so that we create tickets from our product when we want (bot fails) ?

Thanks in advance folks.
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Hey @Karthik_Krishna_Pand,

Thanks for sharing this.

Today, the way to create a webhook is via a custom app/marketplace app with external events.

You can use the capability of external events, but based on what you mentioned about creating tickets from your product, it’s possible to create a ticket with an API irrespective of app is being installed or not.