Is there a way to get tickets for a single agent


is there a filter or a route for Freshservice Api V2 (like in Api V1 /view/xxx will help too) to get the tickets for a specified Agent?

Something like /api/v2/tickets?agent_id=[id]

I’m creating a “Dashboard” which lists elements/tickets/tasks form different Systems for a specified user/agent, so he can see his “todos” in one view.


Hey Stefan

Did you check this out?
You can filter the tickets by requester_id or email

:link: Reference Link - Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice

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Hello Shravan,

thanks for your reply, yes i can filter for the requester_id,
but in my case i need to filter the responder_id.

Hi @Stefan_Roll did you solve? because curently i’m trying to do something with similar requeriments

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Hey @Stefan_Roll

Did you try filtering it with responder_id? If it didn’t work, I guess there is no support for it right now. However, you can retrieve all the tickets in one go and then filter it programmatically through a method.

Hope that works!

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Hallo @shravan.balasubraman,

api/v2/tickets?responder_id=xxxxx Does not work, Response is invalid filed “responder_id”, maybe not implemented

@saenzjulian no not yet.

It seems to be we have to wait for a implementation to Api V2

I try to make a workaround, like Sharvan say, get all Tickets and filter for the responder_id in my Application.