Is there a way to hide a custom app sidebar

I have an application with a sidebars on multiple pages. It is possible the user does not want the sidebar on one of these pages. Is there a way to totally hide the sidebar icon and header on the page in this case?

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Is there a way to modify these after installation? I have a single application that puts sidebars on many pages. A small number of users may want to disable one of the sidebars. I want to put my application in the app store. I don’t want to make entirely separate applications just to turn of a sidebar off on a page for only few customers, this creates issues with either having to bypass the app store or make the marketing confusing.

So to clarify, can I hide or disable a sidebar somehow when it is defined as a location in the app manifest?


We do not have an option to conditionally render on different app locations, Although you can add multiple app locations for the same app! so the user has multiple choices as to which app location they want to open the app from.


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