Is there an API for Virtual Hold in Freshcaller?

Good day,

I am new to freshcaller and have an issue with virtual hold.

My clients use an external system to trigger callbacks on their existing call centre solution. I would like to use the Virtual Hold (Callback) feature on freshcaller and was wondering if there is an API that I can send the caller details (e.g phone number) in order to place the call in the virtual hold queue.


Hi @peter,

There’s no public API available for Virtual Hold (Queue callback) feature.

Instead, it is possible to achieve the same via workflow automation feature in the Freshcaller to send the caller to the Virtual Hold queue. Refer to this tutorial for automation workflow with custom actions.


  1. A general workflow action can be created in the Freshcaller account.
  2. Setup a routing rules to send the call queue with the proper callback configuration upon a certain response.
  3. Create a serverless app as shown in the tutorial to validate the phone number and return a desired response for the desired phone number.

Yes, it looks a little hard way. Let me know if this flow works fine.

Thanks for the feedback Raviraj. I shall try this and let you know how it goes.

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