Is there an API to get of archived tickets in Freshdesk


I’m querying Freshdesk’s API for data analytics. I’m gathering all tickets into a datalake. I’m interested in all tickets (deleted, spams, archived, whatever I can put my hands on).

The /api/v2/tickets path doesn’t return archived tickets (although that’s not mentioned by the documentation) and the only way I can view archived is by providing their ID beforehand.

Isn’t there a way around this?


hello, tried to pass the updated_since parameter? already had a problem with return and solved it!



Hello Marllon!

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I iterate over a wide range of dates using that filter. Since I did that several times, I managed to get some tickets before they were automatically archived. Since they didn’t appear in the results whenever I tried to call them later, I figured that archived tickets most likely never ended up in the result, whatever the updated_since parameter you pass.



Hi @FredMahe,

There’s no API endpoint to get Archived tickets via API. I will move this topic to the Feedback category to take it up as a feature request and pass it on to the relevant team.

But, the API to get Archived tickets will not be available anytime in the near future. So, if there are any ways to export all the data to import it to another system for your use-case, that can be considered.

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Hello @Raviraj!

Thank you for answer and thank you for moving my ticket.

I understand. I shall consider other options then :slight_smile:


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