Is there an interface method available for nextTicketClick in Ticket details page?

I am developing a custom app and would like to trigger an event but I can’t find an API call for that.

My goal is to have an event API on a ticket.sendReply have the app automatically click the ticket.nextTicket button.

This would prevent the need for our agents to do this additional click to get to the next ticket.

Is there a way to implement this feature using your APIs?

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Hi @ryan,

There’s no Interface method available to click on the Next Ticket button to navigate to the next ticket automatically. It’s not possible via Rest APIs as it’s a UI operation.

I couldn’t find any alternative to achieve it. Let’s wait if anyone in the community has any suggestions.

I will also take this up as feedback to pass and pass it to the Freshdesk product team. I will post here if there’s any update on it.