Is there any API to update custom field in the Requested Items in Freshservice

Hi There,

I am developing an app for the customer and the requirement is the customer wants attachment link in the Approval email.
When the customer clicks on the Approval link the page will open where the customer either accepts/reject the request, there he wants this attachment link.

On Service request, creation customers add the attachments in the description.

I am trying to capture the attachment link on the ticket creation event and trying to update the Requested Items custom field with the attachment link.

If I do this manually the customer requirement is full fill but I didn’t find any API to update the Requested Item for a Service Request.

Is there any API to do so or any other suggestion to achieve this?

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Instead of service request custom field, why not update the description of the service request ticket with the link. That is typically empty foe a service request ticket. Also i have not seen any apis for updating service custom fields.


The description won’t resolve my problem as the description is not visible when the customer open the approval page link.

There is no API for update custom fields in Requested Items :worried:
Just try this way, it may help you.

  1. Create a custom field in the Form Fields section.
  2. Try to make use of ticket update API in v1 to update the attachment link in the custom field. v2 API does not support any service request ticket create or update.
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