Is there any limit on creating custom company fields?

I did like to know whether there is any limitation in creating custom company fields.

Can anyone list the maximum number of company fields we can create for all types?


Let me know if following thread is helpful,

Hi @Saif,

Yeah, I too noticed that. But you have mentioned that for the Ticket fields, Right? Is it similar for company fields too?

It might be different for company fields.

Can you confirm if you are talking about this?

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Yes, Exactly. This is what I meant.

Hi @rajezz.

Here are the types of custom contact/company fields which can be added in Freshdesk and limits associated to each type of fields.

URL + Paragraph(Multi line text) fields limit = 10

Dropdowns + Single line text + Phone number fields limit = 70

Date fields limit = 10

Check box fields limit = 10

Number fields limit = 20

Maximum number of choices in a dropdown: 300

Availability on plans: Blossom+

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Thanks, @Saif for the info.