Is there any possibility to check agent availability in Freshchat?

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I am trying to make a serverless app in Freshchat. Whenever a new conversation is created, I prioritize the conversations based on the conversation initiated URL. Then I have to assign the conversation to an available agent. So, I need to list the available agents. I go through the API docs and I didn’t find anything regarding agent availability.

Could you please check on this and get back to me?

Hi @Saravanakumar_Raju,

We have an API that will list all agents who are online, and online on intelliassign(Auto Assign Feature) of Freshchat. The API also supports a group filter in case you want to check for agents in a particular group.

Please find the API in the link here.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Arjun_Paliath!

Thanks for your response.

We just take this scenario.
A chat is created via webpage URL-1.
After some moment another chat is created from another webpage URL-2.

If only one agent is available, then which chat is assigned first to the agent?

Webpage URL-1 chat or Webpage URL-2 chat?

Webpage URL-1 chat has low priority and Webpage URL-2 has a high priority. And, I need to assign the high priority chat first to the agent.

For this use case, Intelli assign will work or not?

Please let us know your response.

Hey @Saravanakumar_Raju

Intelliassign will not work out of the box here.

A workaround for this is that in the widget code you can set a custom property for URL-1 and URL-2 which will be then associated with the contact.

I was suggesting using our API to create a flow like this:

  1. User onConversationCreate event to look for conversation create
  2. Get the user_alias and check for the user meta data for the custom property you set for each web page.
  3. Now based on the logic you decide, check for an available agent using the API that I shared.
  4. Update the conversation using the Freshchat API to assign the chat to the agent.

This way you can build your own routing engine based on the custom properties and the available agents.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hey @Arjun_Paliath

Thanks for your response. We will try this workaround and let you know.

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You are most welcome @Saravanakumar_Raju.

Do let us know in case you have any more questions.

if based on skill an agent can take 3 conversations which is configured in freshchat dashboard. but still agent api showing status as available for that agent.

Say there two agents agent 1 already engaged with 3 conversations and agent 2 is free but still agent api giving Status of both the agents are available. so how client application understand to whom to assign the conversation