Is there any way to make the modal/dialog draggable and also change the width of the modal

Hi Team,

I am creating a custom app. So in that I need to make the dialog to be draggable .Is that possible using bootstrap?
And also I need to change the width of the dialog. Is there any properties I can change to increase the width.?

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Pavithra Selvaraj

Hi @PavithraSelvaraj

You can use bootstrap modal and with the help of JQuery and CSS, can make it draggable and play around with the size of modal.

Here is a working example for the same.


@PavithraSelvaraj - Could you maybe describe how this component would be helpful for the user in contrast to fixed dialog box pop up? We can maybe put up a feature request to @crayons-squad to include one on Crayons

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Good Day!
Do you want to make this dialog to be draggable?
if so, you can’t change the width as well as the draggable.

or if you are referring to other use cases, please follow the @Saif thread :slight_smile:


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Hi saif

We are developing a custom app for a customer.So the customer needs a dialog box to be draggable so that they can see the ticket details underneath the dialog.
And also custom app display their details in grid view so they want the dialog box width to be increased.

Thanks and regards
Pavithra Selvaraj

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