Is there bug in filter Contact API with special character?

Hi team,

I need to get the contact that has ‘+’ at the beginning of the phone number. I tried with Filter Contact API (Freshdesk) like below:"phone:+919876543210"
also tried as below"phone:%2B9876543210"

Got the empty response even though contact is available with the same number.

Sametime tried with list_all_contacts API (Freshdesk) as below

Got the response with contact details.

  1. Is this a bug in Freshdesk API?
  2. With list_all_contacts API only able to get the company_id, not the company name. But with Filter Contact API, able to get the company name along with company id. Is there any way to get the company name with list_all_contacts API?

Hi @Dineshkumar_Ravichan,

Thanks for providing all the details,

Looks like, %2B is encode only for + not +91. So Ideally,"mobile: '%2B919876543210'" should work.

Can you please try and let me know if that works?


Thanks a lot. It’s working fine.