Issue in Custom APP

Hello Team,

There is an issue with the Freshdesk custom APP.

If i run the same APP locally, then the APP is working as expected, but same is not working as a custom APP.

The Error:

Please let me know how to handle it.

Akhil S Kulkarni


Please check it from your side once as the issue is with the Marketplace APP and multiple customer’s are getting the same issue.

@Raviraj @Gopi_Krishnan @Saif

Please let me know the solution to this particular issue.


Can you please look into the mentioned issue once from your side as this is of high priority and I didn’t get any response yet from the Freshworks team?

Hi Akhil,

There’s an error. Were you able to debug if any branches are not closed properly in the HTML file or JS files?

I need to check the complete app files to help you. I will start a DM thread, please share the app file.

Thanks for the response, Raviraj.

I have shared the source code.

Please check and let me know if I am missing something.

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