Issue in FreshDesk and Haptik Integration

We are trying to integrate Haptik Bot into FreshDesk as a sidebar custom app. While executing the same, we are facing some iframe-related errors.

Can you please have a look and help with this on priority?

App name: Haptik Bot

Instance on which app is deployed: oclsandbox


app.js:1 Uncaught DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a cross-origin frame.
at e.value (

Hi @Manish_Jindal ,

Apologies for the delayed response and I appreciate your patience. Could you please confirm if this issue is still pertinent?


@Manish_Jindal How are you sending the HTTP requests from the sidebar app? Please share any relevant code snippets.

Any HTTP request sent directly from a frontend component will likely hit CORS errors. Have you considered using Reqeust Method to overcome it?

Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

Yes, this issue is still there.

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