Issue in Freshservice App

Hello Team,

I am creating a Full page APP in Freshservice and getting below issue.


The file structure and Manifest file:

Html Page:

JS page:

Please let me know the reason it is throwing this particular error.

Akhil S K

Good day!
you can’t get the ticket details using data API on the full-page App, it is available on the ticket-details page only.

kindly refer to this document to check the feasibility of the data methods

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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I am using the Data APIs only.

Please refer to the screenshots provided and the error is coming to the Data API only.

As I mentioned earlier, you can’t use data API to fetch the ticket details on the full-page app.


@Akhil_Kulkarni As @Santhosh mentioned, the full_page_app location can only access Global Data Methods since the app can be opened on any page globally across Freshservice products.

The Ticket details Data method is only available on the Ticket Details page of a ticket. If the app is loaded in any other page, the app has to make an API request to get a particular ticket since the app will not have any context about which ticket page.

For this reason, even if the app is opened on the Ticket details page, it will not have the page’s context and cannot get the particular ticket.

Could you expand on what is the reason to get a particular ticket and we can try helping with any other workaround for your use case?


Thanks Raviraj for the explaination.

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Hi @Akhil_Kulkarni, you had booked an office hour with us at 3 pm today but you did not attend the meeting. I hope you have figured out an alternative implementation. If not, you can book another time slot with the team.

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