Issue in login in Twilio plus app after switching freshdesk membership plan (trial to growth)

Hey guys,

I get issue from one of mine client that he is unable to login in our app after switching his freshdesk membership plan (trial to growth). According to him this app was working fine in his environment while he uses free membership plan. When I try to debug this issue I fount that when I hit API from client sidei in his environment I get bad request error, although I use his credentials in my environment its work absolutely fine on it so I believe this issue comes from client freshdesk environment. If you guys have any idea or any information about it then let me know it will helpful to me


Hi @IsrarAnsari, sending requests from the frontend can hit CORS errors due to browser limitations. We have a request API which proxies requests through our platform.

Can you share the code snippets on how the app makes requests from the frontend?

Hello @IsrarAnsari

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If you included some examples of failed requests vs working requests, and details about the errors you see, we might be able to help you better.

You may want to quickly check out this handy guide on getting help faster here on the community.

Meanwhile, it is likely something has changed in the Freshdesk account your customer uses. Has their Freshdesk account domain changed, for example? Did they enable any domain whitelisting perhaps?

hey @kaustavdm, I know about the CORS issue. As I said in my question that this apps work perfectly in my environment as well as in local environment also in client trial environment. But when he switch his fresh works plan this app stop working so I believe this issue comes from fresh works

hey @satwik I check this I guess this might be the case

Thanks for response

Hey @IsrarAnsari , if you figure out what the problem was, do let us know what it was. Hopefully someone might benefit from this in the future.

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Hey @satwik the issue is still in on progress once it resolved I will let you know.

@IsrarAnsari Usually, the Freshdesk trial also comes with a specific plan as far as I know. Can you find which plan the account is in when in a free trial?
If you can’t find out, we can help find it if you could provide the account domain.

If the plan is different from the Growth plan, the upper plans might have some features that the app consumes or expects which could cause the issue.

Hey @Raviraj,

I asked this question to my client and here is his answer.

We upgraded from Sprout to Growth as a trial, and at the end of the trial it reverted back to Sprout, and I then upgraded it (paid) to Growth again. We lost the app when it downgraded to Sprout,

@IsrarAnsari The Sprout plan doesn’t provide the Marketplace Apps feature. So, when the account goes back to the Sprout plan, the app has been automatically removed along with the Marketplace Apps feature.

Since the app is uninstalled automatically, are there any consequences that cause the app to face this issue? If you face any other issues making API to Freshdesk, could you please post the error message for us to help debug it?


Thanks for this information I share it with my client and wait for his response.


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