Issue in secure iparam substituting template in the request url

Hello ,
I am trying to make an API request by substituting secured API-Key in iparams using template substitution as follows:<%=iparam.loqate_key %>&Countries=GB&Id=NE9 5EX

But I’m getting incorrect API Key error, attached screenshot for your reference.

I made the API request by hardcoding the API key in the url and it works.
Hence the issue is related to correctly substituting the api key.

Request your assistance in resolving this issue .

Hi @Gokul_Chakkaravarthi,

As part of the security updates that we have done last year, we have restricted using installation parameters that are marked as “secure” from using in the Request Method’s request URL and body. It is only allowed to be used in the request headers.

For more information, take a look at the announcement post on this.


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