Issue in the custom iparam asset feature

Hi Team,
With the recent version of the FDK, we can able to maintain the assets which is related to the custom iparam HTML. I used this to keep the iparam js file. Even though all the iparam mandatory method (getconfigs and postConfigs) are existing in the iparam.js file, it throws an error “Mandatory method(s) missing”.


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@KTP, Thanks for identifying this issue. As we were able to reproduce this issue, I’ve notified to the Engineering team for a update. They are currently working on this. I shall keep you posted once I get an update.

We have identified this as a bug and the problem is with Platform’s end. We are actively working and fix will go live in next immediate release. Meanwhile, this is what you can do:

  • Please have getConfigs & postConfigs in iparam HTML file.
  • Handle business logic inside of iparam.js file.

Hopefully, that should help. :smile:


Yes, This helps :slight_smile: